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COVID-19 and Veterinarians for One Health, Zoonotic- And Reverse-Zoonotic Transmissions

Yoo, H. S. & Yoo, D., May 2020, In : Journal of Veterinary Science. 21, 3, p. e51 e51.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access

Projections and early-warning signals of a second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Illinois

Weiner, Z. J., Wong, G. N., Elbanna, A., Tkachenko, A. V., Maslov, S. & Goldenfeld, N. D., Jul 7 2020, (In preparation) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 6 p. (medRxiv).

Research output: Working paper

Use of apps in the COVID-19 response and the loss of privacy protection

Sharma, T. & Bashir, M., May 26 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Nature Medicine.

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate

More than smell - COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis

Parma, V., Ohla, K., Veldhuizen, M. G., Niv, M. Y., Kelly, C. E., Bakke, A. J., Cooper, K. W., Bouysset, C., Pirastu, N., Dibattista, M., Kaur, R., Liuzza, M. T., Pepino, M. Y., Schöpf, V., Pereda-Loth, V., Olsson, S. B., Gerkin, R. C., Dominguez, P. R., Albayay, J., Farruggia, M. C. & 30 others, Bhutani, S., Fjaeldstad, A. W., Kumar, R., Menini, A., Bensafi, M., Sandell, M., Konstantinidis, I., Di Pizio, A., Genovese, F., Öztürk, L., Thomas-Danguin, T., Frasnelli, J., Boesveldt, S., Saatci, Ö., Saraiva, L. R., Lin, C., Golebiowski, J., Hwang, L-D., Ozdener, M. H., Guàrdia, M. D., Laudamiel, C., Ritchie, M., Fialov, J. T., Havlicek, J., Pierron, D., Roura, E., Navarro, M., Nolden, A. A., Lim, J. & Whitcroft, KL., May 12 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Chemical Senses.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle