Zhong Biao: The Universe of Unreality

Gary Gang Xu (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The Universe of Unreality-2013 Zhong Biao’s Visions was unveiled in Chiesa Santa Maria Della Visitazione, Venice on May 31st, 2013. This major Chinese contemporary art project is held by Today Art Museum and Winshare Museum, assisted by Berengo Studio; it attracted nearly 500 guests from home and abroad to come-their enthusiastic response undoubtly heated up the whole scene, and even drove away the continuous drizzle in Venice. Speeches were given by Mrs. Suzhen Xie the director of Today Art Museum, Mr. Gary Xu the curator and the professor of University of Illinois, Mr. Zhong Biao the artist, and Mr. Adriano Berengo the director of Berengo Studio. The dinner party lasted from 19:00 to 22:30, after that guests were fetched by giant barges sent from Berengo Contemporary Art and Glass Museum to Murano Island, spending the whole night welcoming the period of this grand opening ceremony.

Mr. Wei Ding, the ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Italy, went to Santa Maria in advance on May 29th to watch the exhibition since he had to attend Chinese Pavillion’s opening ceremony in the afternoon. Later he went to other Chinese artists exhibition as well. This year, more voices of China have merged into the choir of Biennale.

Zhong Biao’s 84 works, along with the 68 original ancient paintings in the church, visions on the ground, sky screen on the dome and the aged celestial globe, formed as a whole to explore the universe of unreality. Believe it or not, even the bethel at the end of the church became a part of the exhibition. Pious disciples were long before waiting anxiously for this extraordinary Sunday to come.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationMilan
PublisherCharta Art
StatePublished - 2013


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