WIP: Development of Cross-Listed Electromagnetic Compatibility Course for Future Electronic Design Experts

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the subject of ensuring that the electronic systems will work as intended in an electromagnetic environment. EMC is important in early electronic design since all modern electronics must comply with EMC requirements. The main objective of this EMC course is to provide a fundamental understanding of electromagnetic interference and EMC principles, as well as to prepare students for EMC circuit design issues in their future careers in industry and academia. The course covers topics such as how electromagnetic interference affects electronic devices, how to design electronic systems that meet the United States and international EMC standards, different coupling mechanisms, radiated and conducted emissions and susceptibility, crosstalk, grounding, and shielding, and system design for EMC. This course is cross-listed for both undergraduate and graduate students. While the graduate students have a background in wave propagation, antenna radiation, and other related topics, the undergraduate students may only have finished junior-level electromagnetic courses. This diversity in background and students' objectives creates noticeable challenges for the course design and implementation. The learning objective and assessments need to be carefully designed to best fit both groups of students' interests. This work in progress discusses the challenges of how to balance course level, presents detailed course curriculum and content design for a variety of backgrounds, reviews the various teaching strategies, such as active learning, spaced formative and summative assessments, online social connections, etc. Course feedback from the students demonstrates students' perspectives on an effective online learning experience.

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JournalASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
StatePublished - Aug 23 2022
Event129th ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition: Excellence Through Diversity, ASEE 2022 - Minneapolis, United States
Duration: Jun 26 2022Jun 29 2022

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