Waste Reduction Advisory System (WRAS) User's Guide Version 2.3

Frank M. Brookfield, Alisa B. Wickliff

Research output: Other contribution


The Waste Reduction Advisory System (WRAS) was created to provide a means for generators of regulated and non-regulated waste to find ways to reduce their wastes. The WRAS is an interactive waste management tool designed to increase a generator's knowledge of the wide range of options for reducing and recycling industrial waste. The WRAS provides the user with the Waste Reduction Audit Checklist (WRAC) and Waste Reduction Information Bibliography (WRIB). The WRAS provides waste reduction information organized by industry, process or waste source, waste type, economic information (costs and benefits) , and waste reduction technique. The WRAS is based on current knowledge of incentives and opportunities for waste reduction for specific industry experiences. Waste Reduction Audit Checklist: The WRAC is comprised of groups of questions on eleven waste reduction techniques or topics. The twelfth topic contains a description of technical assistance services and information available to help you evaluate waste reduction opportunities. Waste Reduction Information Bibliography: The WRIB contains an annotated bibliography of articles and case studies about waste reduction that pertain to a particular industry, waste type, process, or waste reduction approach. Some of the case studies were compiled with the assistance of other state technical assistance programs and are available in the WRIB. (Note that the software is no longer available).
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherHazardous Waste Research and Information Center
Place of PublicationChampaign, IL
StatePublished - 1990

Publication series

NameTN Series (Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center)


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