Wabash CarbonSAFE Static and Dynamic Modeling, Task 9.0

Richard Dessenberger, Roland Okwen, Mansour Khosravi, Scott Frailey, James Damico, Carl Carman

Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingTechnical report


The objective of the Wabash CarbonSAFE project’s static and dynamic modeling task is to assess the feasibility of storing 50 million tonnes (1.67 million metric tonnes annually; MMTA) of industrially-sourced carbon dioxide (CO2) in a commercial-scale geological storage complex at Wabash Valley Resources LLC (WVR) gasification facility near Terre Haute, Indiana over a period of 30 years. The targeted formations for storing CO2 are: 1) Mt. Simon Sandstone (MSS) and the 2) Potosi Dolomite (Knox Group). All of the available data from the recently drilled Wabash #1 stratigraphic test well (now plugged and abandoned) were used in the construction of both the static and dynamic models. Geologic models were constructed to characterize both the Mt. Simon Sandstone and Potosi Dolomite storage complexes. Dynamic simulation models were constructed and used to assess the feasibility of injecting CO2 into the Mt. Simon and Potosi formations. The geocellular models for the Potosi Dolomite and Mt. Simon Sandstone were built using PetrelTM, Schlumberger’s reservoir modeling software. The dynamic simulations were run using Landmark’s Nexus® reservoir simulation software.


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