Vegetational change during the Middle–Late Pennsylvanian transition in western Pangaea

Sandra Schachat, Andrés Baresch, Thu Bui, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Dan S. Chaney, W. John Nelson, Scott D. Elrick, Hans Kerp, Spencer G. Lucas, William A. Dimichele

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We present the first analysis of vegetational change in far western equatorial Pangaea (New Mexico, USA) during the Middle–Late Pennsylvanian transition (determined by conodonts and fusulinids) of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age. The study is based on the largest database assembled from this region: 28 of 44 quantitatively analysed floras from 14 of 26 stratigraphic levels. Most sampled floras are ‘mixed’, both below and above the boundary, including both hygromorphic and mesomorphic/xeromorphic taxa. The taxonomic data were recal-ibrated morphometrically focusing on foliar traits of lamina width and venation. All data were examined using stratigraphic credible intervals, capture–mark–recapture analyses, and resampling analyses. Results indicate no substantive taxonomic turnover across the boundary. This stands in marked contrast to patterns in mid-Pan-gaean coal basins where there is a large wetland vegetational turnover. However, plant and physical geological data indicate that immediately following the boundary in New Mexico, and for approximately half of the Missourian Stage, floras previously dominated by hygromorphs become overwhelmingly dominated by mesomor-phic/xeromorphic taxa. Although expressed differently, the western Pangaean physical and palaeobotanical patterns parallel those from mid-Pangaean coal basins and suggest a widespread environmental change.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationIce Ages, Climate Dynamics and Biotic Events
Subtitle of host publicationthe Late Pennsylvanian World
EditorsS. G. Lucas, W. A. DiMichele, S. Opluštil, X. Wang
PublisherGeological Society of London
Number of pages23
ISBN (Print)9781786205919
StatePublished - Jun 14 2023

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NameGeological Society Special Publication
ISSN (Print)0305-8719


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