Ultraviolet spectroscopy of young stellar populations in interacting galaxies

Susan A. Lamb, Howard Bushouse, John Towns

Research output: Working paper


Short wavelength IUE spectra of Arp 248b and UGC 8315N are combined with optical spectra and interpreted using a combination of spectrum synthesis and spectral diagnostics to place constraints on the massive star populations of the central regions of these galaxies and to deduce information about the star formation histories in the last 10(exp 8) years. We find that both galaxies have substantial fractions of their optical light coming from massive stars and that Arp 248b may be dominated in the UV by WR stars. The UV spectra are dominated by radiation from evolved massive stars and we place an age on the burst in Arp 248b of a few tens of millions of years.
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StatePublished - May 1 1990

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NameNASA Technical Report Series

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