Topological electronics

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Within the broad and deep field of topological materials, there are an ever-increasing number of materials that harbor topological phases. While condensed matter physics continues to probe the exotic physical properties resulting from the existence of topological phases in new materials, there exists a suite of “well-known” topological materials in which the physical properties are well-characterized, such as Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3. In this context, it is then appropriate to ask if the unique properties of well-explored topological materials may have a role to play in applications that form the basis of a new paradigm in information processing devices and architectures. To accomplish such a transition from physical novelty to application based material, the potential of topological materials must be disseminated beyond the reach of condensed matter to engender interest in diverse areas such as: electrical engineering, materials science, and applied physics. Accordingly, in this review, we assess the state of current electronic device applications and contemplate the future prospects of topological materials from an applied perspective. More specifically, we will review the application of topological materials to the general areas of electronic and magnetic device technologies with the goal of elucidating the potential utility of well-characterized topological materials in future information processing applications.

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