Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 22

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Since it was first published in 1967, the highly regarded Topics in Stereochemistry series has consistently reflected the state of the art in the field and provided readers with a coherent framework for the conceptual, theoretical, and practical aspects of modern stereochemistry. With the new series editor, Scott E. Denmark, at the helm, Volume 22 continues to offer important insights into the evolution of stereochemistry and its future direction. Written by internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields, this volume introduces readers to some of the most intensely studied topics in research laboratories today. Along with the fundamental principles of chirality, the authors describe exciting new applications of stereochemistry in synthetic organic, physical organic, and bioorganic chemistry. They cover cutting-edge research in areas such as asymmetric catalysis, reactions with catalytic antibodies, and stereoelectronic control of organic reactions. In addition, a feature chapter provides a critical analysis of the concepts of molecular chirality. Timely and authoritative, Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 22, features over 120 illustrations and a cumulative index covering Volumes 1 through 22. It is an essential resource for organic chemists involved in synthesis as well as those in the physical and bioorganic areas of organic chemistry. Volume 22 relaunches this highly respected series, providing a timely, valuable reference to the theory and practice of stereochemistry. Cutting-edge topics include: * Foundations of molecular and topological chirality. * Stereoselective reactions with catalytic antibodies. * Stereoelectronic effects of the group 4 metal substituents in organic chemistry. * Asymmetric catalysis with the new class of chiral lanthanoid complexes. * Basic principles of the exciting new area of asymmetric amplification.

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StatePublished - Jan 1999

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