The North: Introduction

William H. Isbell, Helaine Silverman

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The dramatic increase in archaeological research on the north coast (here, the coast north of Lima) is well represented in the six chapters comprising this section of the volume. Included are revolutionary new data pertaining to the rise of civilization in the norte chico region (Shady; see also Haas and Creamer 2004; Haas et al. 2004); a fascinating new interpretation of Chankillo, a formerly enigmatic site now firmly dated to the late Early Horizon and interpreted as a fortified seat of religious power (Ghezzi); a critical analysis of the complex ethnic mosaic of competing and interacting coastal societies of the Early Intermediate Period (Kaulicke); new theoretical perspectives on the role of particular spatialities of Late Moche ritual activity in localized strategies of political empowerment in the northern zone of Mochica society and culture (Swenson); long overdue attention to the brilliant north highland societies of the Early Intermediate Period (Lau); and fresh insight into the Chimu political economy in terms of provincial utilitarian craft specialization (Tschauner).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationAndean Archaeology III
Subtitle of host publicationNorth and South
EditorsWilliam H Isbell, Helaine Silverman
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ISBN (Print)0387289399, 9780387289397
StatePublished - 2006

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