The histochemistry of developing adipocytes in primary stromal-vascular cultures of rat adipose tissue

C. J. Hausman, J. Novakofski, R. J. Martin, G. B. Thomas

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Histochemical analysis for NADP-dependent dehydrogenases, succinate dehydrogenase, NADH and NADPH-tetrazoleum reductases and esterase was conducted on primary cultures of adipose tissue stromal-vascular cells. Enzyme activities were restricted to clusters of lipid laden cells (adipocytes). The number of enzyme reactive adipocytes increased with length of culture. Coverslips were partially coated with collagen to allow comparisons of cell differentiation on coated (C-glass) and uncoated glass (U-glass) surface. There were no reactions for NADH- and NADPH-tetrazoleum reductases (TR) in cells on C-glass whereas adipocytes and stromal cells on U-glass were reactive. Glucose-6-phosphate (G6PDH) and 6-phosphogluconate (6PGDH) dehydrogenase activities were markedly demonstrated in both stromal cells and adipocytes on U-glass. Malate (MDH) and isocitrate (ICDH) dehydrogenase activites were higher in adipocytes than in stromal cells on the U-glass. Stromal cells on C-glass were either devoid of these enzymes (G6PDH, MDH, 6PGDH, ICDH) or activity was restricted to a small area of the cytoplasm. There were two levels of staining intensity in (MDH, ICDH, G6PDH, 6PGDH) adipocyte clusters on C-glass. Elimination of phenazine methosulphate from the NADP-dependent dehydrogeanse medias and SDH media, caused a reduction in enzyme reactive adipocytes on the C-glass. This manipulation did not reduce the number of enzyme reactive cells on U-glass. Cells on C-glass and U-glass were distinctly different in esterase stained coverslips. These studies demonstrated enzyme histochemical reactions of adipocytes and stromal cells in primary culture that were dependent on the type of extracellular matrix. Furthermore, enzyme histochemistry was shown to be useful for delineating adipocytes from stromal cells in primary cultures.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jul 1984
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