The DES Science Verification weak lensing shear catalogues

M. Jarvis, E. Sheldon, J. Zuntz, T. Kacprzak, S. L. Bridle, A. Amara, R. Armstrong, M. R. Becker, G. M. Bernstein, C. Bonnett, C. Chang, R. Das, J. P. Dietrich, A. Drlica-Wagner, T. F. Eifler, C. Gangkofner, D. Gruen, M. Hirsch, E. M. Huff, B. JainS. Kent, D. Kirk, N. MacCrann, P. Melchior, A. A. Plazas, A. Refregier, B. Rowe, E. S. Rykoff, S. Samuroff, C. Sánchez, E. Suchyta, M. A. Troxel, V. Vikram, T. Abbott, F. B. Abdalla, S. Allam, J. Annis, A. Benoit-Lévy, E. Bertin, D. Brooks, E. Buckley-Geer, D. L. Burke, D. Capozzi, A. Carnero Rosell, M. Carrasco Kind, J. Carretero, F. J. Castander, J. Clampitt, M. Crocce, C. E. Cunha, C. B. D'Andrea, L. N. da Costa, D. L. DePoy, S. Desai, H. T. Diehl, P. Doel, A. Fausti Neto, B. Flaugher, P. Fosalba, J. Frieman, E. Gaztanaga, D. W. Gerdes, R. A. Gruendl, G. Gutierrez, K. Honscheid, D. J. James, K. Kuehn, N. Kuropatkin, O. Lahav, T. S. Li, M. Lima, M. March, P. Martini, R. Miquel, J. J. Mohr, E. Neilsen, B. Nord, R. Ogando, K. Reil, A. K. Romer, A. Roodman, M. Sako, E. Sanchez, V. Scarpine, M. Schubnell, I. Sevilla-Noarbe, R. C. Smith, M. Soares-Santos, F. Sobreira, M. E.C. Swanson, G. Tarle, J. Thaler, D. Thomas, A. R. Walker, R. H. Wechsler

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We present weak lensing shear catalogues for 139 square degrees of data taken during the Science Verification (SV) time for the new Dark Energy Camera (DECam) being used for the Dark Energy Survey (DES). We describe our object selection, point spread function estimation and shear measurement procedures using two independent shear pipelines, im3shape and ngmix, which produce catalogues of 2.12 million and 3.44 million galaxies, respectively. We detail a set of null tests for the shear measurements and find that they pass the requirements for systematic errors at the level necessary for weak lensing science applications using the SV data. We also discuss some of the planned algorithmic improvements that will be necessary to produce sufficiently accurate shear catalogues for the full 5-yr DES, which is expected to cover 5000 square degrees.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2245-2281
Number of pages37
JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Issue number2
StatePublished - Aug 1 2016


  • Catalogues
  • Cosmology: observations
  • Gravitational lensing: weak
  • Methods: data analysis
  • Surveys
  • Techniques: image processing

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science


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