The current value of frozen-thawed boar semen for commercial companies

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Contents: Opportunities for use of frozen-thawed semen (FTS) must address genetic advancement and fertility for developing practical models for use. Concerns about slowed genetic gains, lowered fertility and additional costs may limit use of FTS. However, FTS is presently used for international exchange among nucleus farms to help maintain genetic diversity. Use of FTS beyond several days can provide increased flexibility for on-farm use and allow additional time for disease tests. There may be potential for use of FTS for short-term banking during periods of low demand and while sires await breeding value tests. Opportunities exist for FTS use in long-term banking of sire lines, creation of semen pools for genetic progress evaluation and for use in emergencies. Advancing FTS technology will require the following: (i) more efficient production of doses; (ii) improved fertility with single sire or pooled matings; (iii) education and training; and (iv) models for FTS use and economics for use under various scenarios.

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JournalReproduction in Domestic Animals
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StatePublished - Sep 2011

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