The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS): Present status and future

P. L. Brink, Z. Ahmed, D. S. Akerib, C. N. Bailey, D. Balakishiyeva, D. A. Bauer, J. Beaty, R. Bunker, B. Cabrera, D. O. Caldwell, J. Cooley, E. Do Couto E Silva, P. Cushman, F. Dejongh, M. R. Dragowsky, L. Duong, E. Figueroa-Feliciano, J. Filippini, M. Fritts, S. R. GolwalaD. R. Grant, J. Hall, R. Hennings-Yeomans, S. Heiter, A. Hojem, D. Holmgren, L. Hsu, M. E. Huber, O. Kamaev, M. Kos, M. Kiveni, S. W. Leman, R. Mahapatra, V. Mandic, K. A. McCarthy, D. Moore, N. Mirabolfathi, H. Nelson, L. Novak, R. W. Ogburn, M. Pyle, X. Qiu, E. Ramberg, W. Rau, A. Reisetter, T. Saab, B. Sadoulet, J. Sander, R. Schmitt, R. W. Schnee, D. N. Seitz, B. Serfass, K. M. Sundqvist, A. Tomada, G. Wang, P. Wikus, S. Yellin, J. Yoo, B. A. Young

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


The CDMS collaboration utilizes Ge detectors for their Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) search at the Soudan mine, Minnesota. The final data run of CDMS II is complete and a detector upgrade for SuperCDMS has commenced. A SuperTower of five 1-inch thick Ge crystals has been installed and undergoing commissioning. Its surface-event rejection capability should allow SuperCDMS to continue to run background free for the next proposed phases: 15 kg Ge deployment at Soudan, and up to 150 kg Ge deployment at SNOLAB. Recent detector advances to allow a 1 tonne Ge experiment are also discussed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationIntersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference
Number of pages4
StatePublished - 2009
Externally publishedYes
Event10th International Conference on Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics - San Diego, CA, United States
Duration: May 26 2009May 31 2009

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NameAIP Conference Proceedings
ISSN (Print)0094-243X
ISSN (Electronic)1551-7616


Other10th International Conference on Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CitySan Diego, CA


  • Cryogenic detectors
  • Dark matter

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