The common marmoset genome provides insight into primate biology and evolution

Kim C. Worley, Wesley C. Warren, Jeffrey Rogers, Devin Locke, Donna M. Muzny, Elaine R. Mardis, George M. Weinstock, Suzette D. Tardif, Kjersti M. Aagaard, Nicoletta Archidiacono, Nirmala Arul Rayan, Mark A. Batzer, Kathryn Beal, Brona Brejova, Oronzo Capozzi, Saverio B. Capuano, Claudio Casola, Mimi M. Chandrabose, Andrew Cree, Marvin Diep DaoPieter J. De Jong, Ricardo Cruz-Herrera del Rosario, Kim D. Delehaunty, Huyen H. Dinh, Evan E. Eichler, Stephen Fitzgerald, Paul Flicek, Catherine C. Fontenot, R. Gerald Fowler, Catrina Fronick, Lucinda A. Fulton, Robert S. Fulton, Ramatu Ayiesha Gabisi, Daniel Gerlach, Tina A. Graves, Preethi H. Gunaratne, Matthew W. Hahn, David Haig, Yi Han, R. Alan Harris, Javier Herrero, La Deana W. Hillier, Robert Hubley, Jennifer F. Hughes, Jennifer Hume, Shalini N. Jhangiani, Lynn B. Jorde, Vandita Joshi, Emre Karakor, Miriam K. Konkel, Carolin Kosiol, Christie LKovar, Evgenia V. Kriventseva, Sandra L. Lee, Lora R. Lewis, Yih Shin Liu, John Lopez, Carlos Lopez-Otin, Belen Lorente-Galdos, Keith G. Mansfield, Tomas Marques-Bonet, Patrick Minx, Doriana Misceo, J. Scott Moncrieff, Margaret B. Morgan, Lynne V. Nazareth, Irene Newsham, Ngoc Bich Nguyen, Geoffrey O. Okwuonu, Shyam Prabhakar, Lora Perales, Ling Ling Pu, Xose S. Puente, Victor Quesada, Megan C. Ranck, Brian J. Raney, Muthuswamy Raveendran, David Rio Deiros, Mariano Rocchi, David Rodriguez, Corinna Ross, Magali Ruffier, San Juana Ruiz, Saba Sajjadian, Jireh Santibanez, Daniel R. Schrider, Steve Searle, Helen Skaletsky, Benjamin Soibam, Arian F.A. Smit, Jayantha B. Tennakoon, Lubomir Tomaska, Brygg Ullmer, Charles E. Vejnar, Mario Ventura, Albert J. Vilella, Tomas Vinar, Jan Hinnerk Vogel, Jerilyn A. Walker, Qing Wang, Crystal M. Warner, Derek E. Wildman, David J. Witherspoon, Rita A. Wright, Yuanqing Wu, Weimin Xiao, Jinchuan Xing, Evgeny M. Zdobnov, Baoli Zhu, Richard A. Gibbs, Richard K. Wilson

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We report the whole-genome sequence of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). The 2.26-Gb genome of a female marmoset was assembled using Sanger read data (6×) and a whole-genome shotgun strategy. A first analysis has permitted comparison with the genomes of apes and Old World monkeys and the identification of specific features that might contribute to the unique biology of this diminutive primate, including genetic changes that may influence body size, frequent twinning and chimerism. We observed positive selection in growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor genes (growth pathways), respiratory complex I genes (metabolic pathways), and genes encoding immunobiological factors and proteases (reproductive and immunity pathways). In addition, both protein-coding and microRNA genes related to reproduction exhibited evidence of rapid sequence evolution. This genome sequence for a New World monkey enables increased power for comparative analyses among available primate genomes and facilitates biomedical research application.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)850-857
Number of pages8
JournalNature Genetics
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2014

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