Teaching With Primary Sources is part of the series Trends in Archives Practice. It includes three modules:

Module 9: Contextualizing Archival Literacy
by Elizabeth Yakel and Doris Malkmus
Examines the evolving theory of archival literacy in relation to domain knowledge, primary source literacy, and information literacy to facilitate meaningful use of archival and manuscript collections.
Module 10: Teaching With Archives - A Guide for Archivists, Librarians, and Educators
by Sammie L. Morris, Tamar Chute, and Ellen Swain
Provides practical guidance to archivists, librarians, and educators on teaching with archival materials, offering tips for beginners as well as seasoned instructors.
Module 11: Connecting Students and Primary Sources - Cases and Examples
by Tamar Chute, Ellen Swain, and Sammie L. Morris
Offers readers an analytical guide and example assignments for teaching with primary materials, based heavily on first-hand case study accounts and interviews with practitioners and experts in the field
As Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe notes in the introduction, "These three modules present a wealth of resources for meeting the challenges of primary source literacy instruction. They can be read start-to-finish to build a foundation for practice. Or, they can be dipped into as needed by the busy educator who needs practical ideas or inspiration for that next instruction session."
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherSociety of American Archivists
Number of pages216
ISBN (Print)9781931666947, 9781931666923, 9781931666930
StatePublished - 2016

Publication series

NameTrends in Archives Practice


  • Archival materials
  • Information literacy
  • Research
  • History


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