System resilience through control-guided failure restoration

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The resilience of engineered systems has received a prevalent attention as it potentially provides a new means to address disruptive events (e.g. those induced by system failures) and recover from the consequences of those events properly. Current engineering resilience researches have been largely focused on improving the overall system resilience performance through design approaches that prevent system failures, such as improving system reliability or mitigating failures through maintenance. However, little attention has been given to the behavior of the system in the restoration process during or after a disruptive event occurs. To ensure that failures are addressed or the system is effectively recovered at the operating states, there is a need of new techniques enabling those failures at the post-design stage to be addressed at the system design stage. This paper developed a novel control-guided failure restoration scheme, where the recovery process can be evaluated at the preliminary design stage by using the control theory. Moreover, the timely recovery action can be enabled in a resilient system by altering the system state with control-guided approach. An electro-hydrostatic actuator system design case study has been used to demonstrate the developed methodology.

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StatePublished - 2018
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