Summary of Toxicological Data for Aquatic Organisms of Illinois

Philippe E. Ross, Judith M. Kamin, LouAnn C. Burnett, Jimmie J. Frick

Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingTechnical report


The data presented in this report contain Information on toxicity testing performed on organisms that could be found In aquatic habitats in Illinois. To compile this information a thorough list of all aquatic organisms in Illinois was required. This was constructed through literature searches and personal communication with scientists who collect and identify Illinois aquatic specimens. Each species name was used to search a database which contained toxicity information on aquatic organisms. No toxicological Information was found for many Illinois species. For most organisms, all available information retrieved from the database is presented. For species on which extensive toxicological research has been performed, data showing 96 hour LC50 or EC50 values and chronic testing values constitute the bulk of the records. In addition to records detailing toxicity values and experimental conditions, a list of tested chemical compounds and organisms is included. Literature citing observations and identification of aquatic organisms within Illinois was the most valuable resource in compiling a list of Illinois aquatic species. Staff of the Illinois Natural History Survey were helpful in recommending the most useful publications, making available their own field lists, and helping to update taxonomy and nomenclature from older reports. In particular we would like to acknowledge Don Webb, Larry Page, Warren Brigham, Mark Wetzel, Kevin Cummings, and Allison Brigham from the INHS Faunistics section and Michael Henebry from the section of Aquatic Biology. To retrieve toxicity data on the aquatic organisms of Illinois, a Chemical Information System, Inc. database, AQUIRE (Aquatic Information Retrieval System), was employed. AQUIRE contains data extracted from publications dealing with the toxic effects of chemical substances on aquatic organisms. Each Latin species name from the compiled Illinois list was used to search records in the database. If AQUIRE matched a record with the species name, the record was stored. If there were an excessive number of matching records, the search was narrowed by specifying particular regimens and/or effective endpoint types. Ultimately a printout of the records pertaining to each organism was produced. The data contained In this report are duplications of the AQUIRE records obtained for Illinois organisms. The taxonomy, habitat, and Illinois distribution is listed immediately preceding the AQUIRE records compiled for each species. These records have been substantially reduced from their original size and are arranged by chemical compound in alphabetical and/or numerical order.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationChampaign, IL
PublisherIllinois Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center
StatePublished - Feb 1986

Publication series

NameHazardous Waste Research and Information Center Research Report Series


  • Water -- Pollution -- Illinois -- Environment affects
  • Water -- Pollution -- Illinois -- Toxicology
  • Fishes -- Illinois -- Toxicology
  • Aquatic invertebrates -- Illinois -- Toxicology
  • Amphibians -- Illinois -- Toxicology
  • Aquatic organisms -- Illinois -- Toxicology
  • Environmental toxicology -- Illinois


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