Stilwell II: A Buried Early Archaic Site in Pike County, Illinois

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In 1961 a road cut through an alluvial fan along the Illinois River bluff base in southern Pike County exposed over 12 feet of stratified deposits containing a deep-ly buried Early Archaic deposit. Salvage investigations conducted by Greg Perino in 1961-62 recovered a modest assemblage of chipped stone debris and tools, and a well-preserved assemblage of faunal remains, a unique bone tool, a partial human internment and a dog burial. Distinctive projectile points from the site include a variant of the Early Archaic Kirk Corner notch cluster, named "Stilwell" points by Perino. Analysis of the recently "rediscovered" chipped stone and fauna! assemblage, as well as the dog burial has provided much needed radiocarbon and subsistence data for the Early Archaic period in the region, and indicates adapta-tions geared towards wide spectrum foraging exploiting local upland and riverine resources.
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StatePublished - 2014


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