Solidarity and empowerment in Chicago's Puerto Rican print culture

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This article chronicles the literary and historical importance of three print materials, to contextualize the importance of a Chicago-based Puerto Rican print culture that in many ways highlighted the social, racial, and class differences of this community, and led to the establishment of Latina/o Studies in the Midwest. The Rican: A Journal of Contemporary Puerto Rican Thought, El Puertorriqueño, as well as the newspapers of the Young Lords Organization (which went by various names during its tenure), provided venues for academic scholars to articulate their own research agendas, and also created spaces to examine and include the voices of the growing Puerto Rican diaspora, while tracing the intricate history of Puerto Ricans in the city.

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JournalLatino Studies
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2014


  • Chicago
  • print culture
  • Puerto Ricans

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