Silent application state driven sound authoring system and method

Insook Choi (Inventor), Henry J Kaczmarski (Inventor), James A Weyhenmeyer (Inventor), Robin Bargar (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A system and method for authoring and providing sounds in real time in conjunction with running of a silent computer application program wherein the silent computer application is of a type that is capable of having a plurality of different pre-selected states. The silent application is modified to include a function that evaluates the pre-selected states of the silent computer program application, stores data describing each of the different pre-selected states in a respective state-describing message array; and sends a plurality of message tags, wherein each one of the plurality of message tags includes a respective one of the state-describing message arrays. The system for authoring and providing sounds additionally comprises a sound authoring program which exists as a process separate from the silent application. The sound authoring program comprises a message tag translator that receives the message tags sent from the silent application. The sound authoring program parses each of the message tags it receives to extract the state-describing message array therefrom. The sound authoring program identifies a message group associated with each message tag identified by the parsing means and maps the data from the state-describing message array of the message tag to at least one sound production message associated with the message tag by the message group. The sound production message is then passed to conventional sound producing algorithms or generators in a sound rendering application. For a given state of a silent application, more than one message group may be provided permitting a designated state of the silent application to generate different sounds at different times according to the real-time specification of the user. The sound authoring program and the silent application may be implemented in software or hardware and may be located on a single platform or may be located in a networked environment. The relational dynamics between silent applications and sounds are defined in the sound authoring structure as a specific and unique stage that can be independently refined, upgraded, modified, scaled, and developed apart from the silent application.
Original languageEnglish (US)
U.S. patent number5945986
Filing date5/19/97
StatePublished - Aug 31 1999


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