Sequencing and genetic analysis of a bovine DQB cDNA clone

A. XU, T. J. CLARK, M. R. TEUTSCH, Lawrence B Schook, H. A. LEWIN

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A BoLA-DQB cDNA clone (BoLA-DQ beta-1) was isolated by screening a bovine lymphoblastoid cDNA library with a HLA-DQB genomic clone. The DNA and predicted protein sequences were compared to class II sequences from cattle and other species. BoLA-DQ beta-1 has 92.0% similarity to the coding regions of two previously sequenced BoLA-DQB genomic clones and 69.6% similarity to a BoLA-DR beta pseudogene. However, the first domain encoded by BoLA-DQ beta-1 has 94 amino acids; one more than the predicted size of the products encoded by two previously sequenced bovine DQB genes (BoDQ beta-Q1 and BoDQ beta-Y1). Comparing all coding regions, BoLA-DQ beta-1 has greater nucleotide similarity to HLA-DQB sequences than to I-A beta, HLA-DRB and I-E beta sequences. Like the HLA-DQB gene product, the cytoplasmic domain of the predicted protein encoded by BoLA-DQ beta-1 is eight amino acids shorter than that of I-A beta, HLA-DRB and I-E beta molecules. Six clone-specific amino acid substitutions were identified in the beta 1 domain of BoLA-DQ beta-1, including an unusual cysteine residue at position 13 which is believed to be positioned on a beta-strand and face into the antigen recognition site. Southern blot analysis of PvuII-digested genomic DNA from a paternal half-sibling family (sire, and six dam-offspring pairs) using BoLA-DQ beta-1 as a probe, revealed five allelic PvuII RFLP patterns, including two patterns not previously described, that cosegregated with serologically-defined BoLA-A (class I) alleles. The evolution, polymorphism and function of a transcriptionally active BoLA-DQB gene can now be readily studied using this DQB cDNA clone as a source of allele and locus-specific oligonucleotide primers.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)381-398
Number of pages18
JournalAnimal genetics
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 1991


  • bovine lymphocyte antigens
  • cDNA sequence
  • class II

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