Segmentation, grouping and feature detection for face image analysis

Thang Nguyen, Thomas S Huang

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A system capable of analyzing face images in a wide range of orientations, such as ± 90° of turn or small to moderate tilt, is discussed. For images of size 256×384, the system can find the face orientation and facial feature groups within 40s on a Sparc10. Low-level analysis consumes about 30s. The overall analysis could be optimized to within 25s. Moreover, the discussion shows that eyeglasses constitute a significant class of objects requiring the same research effort as eyes, mouth, and nose. Skin regions are also important 'macro features' that contribute to the robustness of the analysis. The study also shows that segmentation, grouping, and feature detection techniques can be applied to other image analysis problem domains.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages6
StatePublished - Dec 1 1995
EventInternational Symposium on Computer Vision, ISCV'95, Proceedings - Coral Gables, FL, USA
Duration: Nov 21 1995Nov 23 1995


OtherInternational Symposium on Computer Vision, ISCV'95, Proceedings
CityCoral Gables, FL, USA

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