Sediment Transport, Bed Morphology and the Sedimentology of River Channel Confluences

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationRiver Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Number of pages28
ISBN (Print)9780470026724
StatePublished - Sep 10 2008


  • Asymmetrical confluence bedload-transport rates
  • Channel confluence morphology and sedimentology site
  • Post-confluence mid-channel bars
  • River channel confluence sediment-transport characteristics
  • River channel confluences and hydraulic and morphological change
  • Sediment transport, bed morphology and sedimentology
  • Spatially variable channel shrinkage
  • Tributary-mouth bars
  • Upstream damming and flooding suppression

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  • Chemistry(all)

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