Search for rare and forbidden η′ decays

CLEO Collaboration

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We have searched for rare and forbidden decays of the η′ meson in hadronic events at the CLEO II detector. The search is conducted on 4.80 fb−1 of e+e collisions at 10.6 GeV center-of-mass energy at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring. We find no signals and set 90% confidence level upper limits of their branching fractions: B(η′→e+eη)<2.4×10−3, B(η′→e+eπ0)<1.4×10−3, B(η′→e+eγ)<0.9×10−3, and B(η′→eμ)<4.7×10−4. We also fit the matrix element of the η′→π+πη Dalitz plot with the parametrization |M|2=A|1+αy|2, where y is a linear function of the kinetic energy of the ηand find Re (α)=−0.021±0.025.

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JournalPhysical review letters
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