RNA World

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The RNA world hypotheses explain the emergence of modern biochemistry and the origin of life by postulating the existence of a primordial molecular world with self-replicating and catalytic molecules made of RNA. The initial role of these molecules was later extended in evolution from metabolism and replication to translation and transcription.

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Title of host publicationBrenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics
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ISBN (Electronic)9780080961569
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StatePublished - Feb 27 2013


  • Evolution
  • In vitro evolution
  • Non-ribosomal protein synthesis
  • Origin of life
  • Peptidyl transferase center
  • Phylogenomics
  • Prebiotic chemistry
  • Protein
  • RNA
  • Ribonuclease P
  • Ribosomal RNA
  • Ribosome
  • Ribozyme
  • Self-replication
  • Transfer RNA

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  • General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • General Medicine


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