Rheological Characteristics of Ionic Liquids under Nanoconfinement

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While the dynamic properties of ionic liquids (ILs) in nanoconfinement play a crucial role in the performance of IL-based electrochemical and mechanical devices, experimental work mostly falls short at reporting "solid-like"versus "liquid-like"behavior of confined ILs. The present work is the first to conduct frequency-sweep oscillatory-shear rheology on IL nanofilms, reconciling the solid-versus-liquid debate and revealing the importance of shear rate in the behavior. We disentangle and analyze the viscoelasticity of nanoconfined ILs and shed light on their relaxation mechanisms. Furthermore, a master curve describes the scaling of the dynamic behavior of four (non-hydrogen-bonding) ILs under nanoconfinement and reveals the role of the compressibility of the flow units.

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StatePublished - Mar 8 2022

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