Revision of the North American species of the genus Entomacis (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae)

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The species of the genus Entomacis Foerster in North America north of Mexico are revised. Nineteen species (12 new), including 8 species of the Holarctic-wide perplexa species group, are keyed, described, and figured. These taxa are E. ambigua (Brues), E. apopkaensis sp. nov., E. arctica sp. nov., E. cellaria sp. nov., E. cepa sp. nov., E. eoraria sp. nov., E. floridana (Ashmead), E. grandiclava sp. nov., E. longii (Ashmead), E. mellipetiola (Ashmead), E. parambigua sp. nov., and perplexa group members E. californica (Ashmead), E. microbipunctata sp. nov., E. notioxera sp. nov., E. oula sp. nov., E. parva sp. nov., E. perplexa (Haliday), E. saprata sp. nov., and E. subemarginata (Ashmead). Hemilexodes canadensis (Harrington) is synonymized under Entomacis mellipetiola (Ashmead) (syn. nov.). The status of Entomacis latipennis (Ashmead), E. filiformis (Ashmead), and Hemilexis jessei Mann is reviewed. New character complexes, particularly chaetotaxy, are emphasized for Diapriidae species taxonomy.

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JournalCanadian Entomologist
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jan 1 2004


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