Rethinking Reintegration and Veteran Identity: A New Redemption

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This book explores how U.S. Military Veteran reintegration is a process of identity transformation. Written as a first-person narrative and weaving my own stories of Veteran reintegration and identity into the chapters, the purposes of this book are to 1) identify some possible Veteran identity tensions that exist between military and civilian cultures during reintegration, and 2) articulate how Veteran reintegration may be shaped by an individual’s experience of assimilating into the military institution during initial entry training (i.e. “boot camp”) as well as their experiences of belonging to the military system during their time in service. The overarching goals of this book are 1) to argue that the current ways we think about reintegration (solely about post-war and more explicitly, post-combat difficulties) fail to consider the social implications of belonging to the military institution and thus, inhibit our understandings of the challenges associated with transitioning through and out of this institution; 2) to illustrate the nature of liminality—or living “between worlds”—during military Initial Entry Training (IET) and Time in Service (TIS) and to shift our thinking towards identity; 3) to illuminate social struggles and challenges of [the] Veteran identity through illustrating [my] reintegration experiences; 4) to highlight how Veteran identity dissonance is rooted in the conditioning that happens during military IET and TIS and; 5) to propose and advocate a new term and subsequent conceptualization for reintegration that is comprehensive, inclusive, and centers the social manifestations of the Veteran identity. In the final chapter, I propose new language and a new framework for experiences of Veteran reintegration and identity; I aim for this new framework to influence transdisciplinary research on Military/Veteran reintegration and identity in a way that leads to more comprehensive, inclusive, and effective program and policy development.
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
StateAccepted/In press - 2022


  • Veteran
  • veterans
  • military
  • reintegration
  • identity
  • Military training
  • suicide
  • communication
  • theory
  • autoethnography
  • autoethnographic writing
  • performance writing

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