Resisting Racism and Xenophobia: Global Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Human Rights

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Faye V. Harrison's collection of essays focuses on the intersections between race, gender, sexuality, class, and nationality that exert a huge influence on human rights conflicts around the world. Using compelling examples, the authors illustrate the central premise that understanding the dynamics of these intersections has important implications for effectively confronting oppression and constructing positive change. Investigating conflicts in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia, they also reflect upon political concerns and anxieties worldwide that have grown out of the catastrophe of 9/11. The contributors comprise an internationally diverse group of anthropologists and human rights activists concerned with global, culturally diverse, gendered experiences. This anthology will be valuable to instructors, human rights workers, and applied professionals in anthropology, gender studies, ethnic studies, and international human rights.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationWalnut Creek, CA
PublisherAltaMira Press
Number of pages296
ISBN (Print)9780759104822, 9780759104815
StatePublished - 2005


  • Marginality, Social
  • Immigrants
  • Human rights
  • Discrimination
  • Equality
  • Racism
  • Sex discrimination against women


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