Recent results and current status of the muon g - 2 Experiment at BNL

S. I. Redin, R. M. Carey, E. Efstathiadis, M. F. Hare, X. Huang, F. Krinen, A. Lam, J. P. Miller, J. Paley, Q. Peng, O. Rind, B. L. Roberts, L. R. Sulak, A. Trofimov, G. W. Bennett, H. N. Brown, G. Bunce, G. T. Danby, R. Larsen, Y. Y. LeeW. Meng, J. Mi, W. M. Morse, D. Nikas, C. Ozben, R. Prigl, Y. K. Semertzidis, D. Warburton, V. P. Druzhinin, G. V. Fedotovich, D. Grigoriev, B. I. Khazin, I. B. Logashenko, N. M. Ryskulov, Yu M. Shatunov, E. P. Solodov, Yu F. Orlov, D. Winn, A. Grossmann, K. Jungmann, G. Zu Putlitz, P. Von Walter, P. T. Debevec, W. Deninger, F. Gray, D. W. Hertzog, C. J.G. Onderwater, C. Polly, S. Sedykh, M. Sossong, D. Urner, A. Yamamoto, B. Bousquet, P. Cushman, L. Duong, S. Giron, J. Kindem, I. Kronkvist, R. McNabb, T. Qian, P. Shagin, C. Timmermans, D. Zimmerman, M. Iwasaki, M. Kawamura, M. Deile, H. Deng, S. K. Dhawan, F. J.M. Farley, M. Grosse-Perdekamp, V. W. Hughes, D. Kawall, J. Pretz, E. P. Sichtermann, A. Steinmetz

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The muon (g - 2) experiment E821 is currently in progress at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Four data-taking runs for positive muons and one run for negative muons were successfully accomplished in 1997-2000 and 2001, respectively. Results of the 1997-2000 runs have been published, thus completing our experiment for μ+. Data analysis for the 2001 run for μ- is currently in progress. To provide measurement of αμ- = 1/2(g - 2)μ- at the same level of accuracy as for αμ+ = 1/2 (g - 2)μ+, we would need one more data-taking run.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1355-1364
Number of pages10
JournalCanadian Journal of Physics
Issue number11
StatePublished - 2002
Externally publishedYes

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