Realistic views concerning poultry welfare

K. E. Anderson, K. W. Koelkebeck

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The animal welfare (rights) issue we face today is not one that will be resolved through research or factual knowledge. It is an emotional issue that resides on philosophical beliefs that are often associated with the religion of an individual or his or her lack thereof. Individuals who oppose the use of animals for research, food, companionship, etc., based on personal feelings or philosophies, may never change their minds based on scientific facts. However, the opportunity we have is the minds of those people who have not yet made up their mind. We can instill in them a respect for life and a clear understanding that it is okay to utilize animals for companionship and for food production provided the animals are maintained under acceptable and reasonable conditions and that they are cared for in a humane manner. This issue will continue to be a tough battle, because, from past experience, animal rightists will sometimes stage animal abuse to prove their viewpoint. We must also realize that due to the nature of humans, not everyone who is responsible for animals, in both research and production settings, will properly care for them. Animal mistreatment or abuse is a major black eye for everyone, and it is always caused by individuals who do not handle animals in a humane and proper manner. However, we have to admit that humanity has reverted to some very deplorable states in history.

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JournalPoultry science
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2007


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