Protein evolution: Charting the universe of macromolecular structure

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Understanding how protein architecture evolves is paramount if we are to engineer protein targets and drugs with pharmacological properties, understand the epidemiology and evolution of disease, or model protein interactions in systems biology. In order to 'chart' the universe of protein architecture from an evolutionary perspective, structural similarities in protein design have been linked to evolutionary patterns of architectural occurrence in genomes using a general phylogenomic approach. Analysis of over 30 genomes revealed patterns of evolution in the overall structure of molecules and clear molecular transformation pathways. This evolutionary structure uncovered in the world of proteomes and architectures can now be used to model evolutionary processes. This type of research uses principles drawn from disparate disciplines and addresses fundamental issues in biology such as the origin and diversification of life, the role of lateral gene transfer, and the network behavior of biological systems.

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JournalChimica Oggi
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2004

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