Prevalence and source of trypanosome infections in field-captured vector flies (Glossina pallidipes) in southeastern Zambia

Hirohisa Mekata, Satoru Konnai, Martin Simuunza, Mwelwa Chembensofu, Rika Kano, William H. Witola, Mwase E. Tembo, Harrison Chitambo, Noboru Inoue, Misao Onuma, Kazuhiko Ohashi

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The prevalence of trypanosome infections in tsetse flies, Glossina pallidipes, collected from Chiawa and Chakwenga in Zambia with endemic trypanosomosis was assessed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Out of the 550 G. pallidipes, 58 (10.5%) flies were found to harbor trypanosome DNA. Infection rates of tsetse with Trypanosoma vivax universal, Trypanosoma congolense savannah, T. congolense forest and T. congolense kilifi were 4.2% (23/550), 4.7% (26/550), 1.1% (6/550) and 1.6% (9/550), respectively. To determine the mammalian hosts of T. congolense and T. vivax infections from the tsetse flies, mammalian mitochondrion DNA of blood meal in these flies were analyzed by PCR and subsequent gene sequence analysis of the amplicons. Sequence analysis showed the presence of cytochrome b gene (cyt b) of 7 different mammalian species such as human, elephant, buffalo, goat, warthog, greater kudu and cattle. Goats which were main livestock in these areas were further examined to know the extent of its contribution in spreading the infection. We examined the prevalence of trypanosome infections in the domestic goat population in 6 settlements in Chiawa alone. Of the 86 goats sampled, 4 (4.6%), 5 (5.8%), 4 (4.6%) and 4 (4.6%) were positive for T. vivax universal, T. congolense savannah, forest and kilifi, respectively. These findings showed that the host-source of trypanosome infections in vector fly give a vital information about spread of infection. The result of this study will certainly contribute in elucidating more the epidemiology of trypanosomosis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)923-928
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Veterinary Medical Science
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2008
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  • Goat
  • Natural host
  • Trypanosome
  • Tsetse fly
  • Zambia

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