Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers: Revamping Teacher Education for the 21st Century

Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Aman Yadav, Chrystalla Mouza

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In this chapter, we will discuss the need to prepare future teachers in computing and how teacher educators can bring computational ideas within teacher education courses. To inform how we can prepare preservice teachers to teach computer science and computational thinking (CS/CT) ideas, we need to understand current efforts in integrating CS/CT in teacher education and their influence on teacher outcomes. We sought to investigate the following question: What curriculum/interventions are being used with preservice teachers to learn about CT/CS? Typically, CT/CS curriculum for preservice teachers has either focused on skills and knowledge related to CS/CT (n = 9), the pedagogical skills associated with teaching CT/CS (n = 1), or a combination of the two (n = 5). Drawing upon rich literature on how teachers learn and develop and the current work on educating future teachers in computational thinking and computer science (see Yadav et al., 2014; Mouza et al., 2017), this chapter will discuss models to integrate CS/CT within teacher education curriculum.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationComputational Thinking in Education
Subtitle of host publicationA Pedagogical Perspective
EditorsAman Yadav, Ulf Dalvad Berthelsen
Number of pages21
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ISBN (Print)9780367564469, 9780367610357
StatePublished - Nov 23 2021
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