Performance of Al–Mn Transition-Edge Sensor Bolometers in SPT-3G

A. J. Anderson, P. A.R. Ade, Z. Ahmed, J. S. Avva, P. S. Barry, R. Basu Thakur, A. N. Bender, B. A. Benson, L. Bryant, K. Byrum, J. E. Carlstrom, F. W. Carter, T. W. Cecil, C. L. Chang, H. M. Cho, J. F. Cliche, A. Cukierman, T. de Haan, E. V. Denison, J. DingM. A. Dobbs, D. Dutcher, W. Everett, K. R. Ferguson, A. Foster, J. Fu, J. Gallicchio, A. E. Gambrel, R. W. Gardner, A. Gilbert, J. C. Groh, S. T. Guns, R. Guyser, N. W. Halverson, A. H. Harke-Hosemann, N. L. Harrington, J. W. Henning, G. C. Hilton, W. L. Holzapfel, D. Howe, N. Huang, K. D. Irwin, O. B. Jeong, M. Jonas, A. Jones, T. S. Khaire, A. M. Kofman, M. Korman, D. L. Kubik, S. Kuhlmann, C. L. Kuo, A. T. Lee, E. M. Leitch, A. E. Lowitz, S. S. Meyer, D. Michalik, J. Montgomery, A. Nadolski, T. Natoli, H. Nguyen, G. I. Noble, V. Novosad, S. Padin, Z. Pan, P. Paschos, J. Pearson, C. M. Posada, W. Quan, A. Rahlin, D. Riebel, J. E. Ruhl, J. T. Sayre, E. Shirokoff, G. Smecher, J. A. Sobrin, A. A. Stark, J. Stephen, K. T. Story, A. Suzuki, K. L. Thompson, C. Tucker, L. R. Vale, K. Vanderlinde, J. D. Vieira, G. Wang, N. Whitehorn, V. Yefremenko, K. W. Yoon, M. R. Young

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SPT-3G is a polarization-sensitive receiver, installed on the South Pole Telescope, that measures the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) from degree to arcminute scales. The receiver consists of ten 150-mm-diameter detector wafers, containing a total of ∼16,000 transition-edge sensor (TES) bolometers observing at 95, 150, and 220 GHz. During the 2018–2019 austral summer, one of these detector wafers was replaced by a new wafer fabricated with Al–Mn TESs instead of the Ti/Au design originally deployed for SPT-3G. We present the results of in-laboratory characterization and on-sky performance of this Al–Mn wafer, including electrical and thermal properties, optical efficiency measurements, and noise-equivalent temperature. In addition, we discuss and account for several calibration-related systematic errors that affect measurements made using frequency-domain multiplexing readout electronics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)320-329
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Low Temperature Physics
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - Apr 1 2020


  • Al–Mn
  • CMB
  • SPT-3G
  • Transition-edge sensors

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
  • Materials Science(all)
  • Condensed Matter Physics


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