Pedagogical aspects of a UNIX-based network management system for English instruction

Lothar M. Schmitt, Kiel T. Christianson

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We have developed a UNIX-based management system (named UNEIM) which supports the instructor in teaching English as a second language using a network of workstations. The present implementation is aimed at teaching English composition to Japanese students at The University of Aizu. UNEIM has a convenient set-up mechanism designed to assist, in particular, the computer novice. While running, UNEIM takes care of the following tasks using the cron mechanism of UNIX: assignments are sent out via e-mail on preset dates; if necessary, students are reminded of missing homework; homework sent back by students via e-mail is sorted in regard to course, section and assignment; submission deadlines and required length of the homework are enforced; homework is partially evaluated in regard to mechanical mistakes such as spelling or punctuation; results of the evaluations by the machine are sent back to the students automatically (to trigger resubmission); the writings of students are reformatted to make human correction easier; the use of global or specialized vocabulary can be measured for individual students as well as classes; authentic, interesting or critical examples of grammatical patterns can be identified and collected for presentation in class or research purposes; desired statistical evidence is generated; and graphical display of data is generated.

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StatePublished - Dec 1998
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