Particle image velocimetry of a nano-second laser-induced breakdown in air

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Velocity field measurements of a laser-induced optical breakdown are presented in this paper. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) was performed over a wide range of probe delays, t0 = 5μs to 2000μs, in order to capture the development of the flowfield induced. The early probe delays provide information about the propagation of the shock induced by the breakdown, showing its rapid weakening as it propagates outwards, inducing velocities of 120m/s at t0 = 5μs and only 60m/s at t0 = 10μs. As the shock propagates outwards, the rarefaction wave forms, leading to the formation of two opposing jets on the top and bottom side of the plasma kernel location. As the jets develop, the ensemble averages reveal that the bottom jet is stronger in this study, eventually leading to the vortex ring ejection against the direction of the incident laser.

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StatePublished - 2020
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