Pairing symmetry in Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu 2O8+x

C. W. Schneider, W. K. Neils, H. Bielefeldt, G. Hammerl, A. Schmehl, H. Raffy, Z. Z. Li, S. Oh, J. N. Eckstein, D. J. Van Harlingen, J. Mannhart

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Although the pairing symmetry of the high-Tc superconductors is widely accepted to be dx2-y2, measurements in apparent contradiction with this picture have been reported in Bi2Sr2Ca 1Cu2O8+x and attributed to s-wave symmetry or complex mixtures of s-wave and d-wave. To clarify this issue, we have measured the transport properties of asymmetric 45° [100]/[110] Bi2Sr 2Ca1Cu2O8+x bicrystal Josephson junctions, a geometry sensitive to the pairing symmetry. All samples investigated show complicated but polarity-symmetric modulation of their critical currents with magnetic field, providing unambiguous, clear evidence for a pre-dominant dx2-y2 pairing symmetry at Bi2Sr 2Ca1Cu2O8+x interfaces.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)489-495
Number of pages7
JournalEurophysics Letters
Issue number4
StatePublished - Nov 1 2003


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Schneider, C. W., Neils, W. K., Bielefeldt, H., Hammerl, G., Schmehl, A., Raffy, H., Li, Z. Z., Oh, S., Eckstein, J. N., Van Harlingen, D. J., & Mannhart, J. (2003). Pairing symmetry in Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu 2O8+x. Europhysics Letters, 64(4), 489-495.