Optimization of cryopreservation protocols for cooled-transported stallion semen

M. S. Ferrer, I. F. Canisso, R. E. Ellerbrock, G. Podico, B. N. Lister, D. J. Hurley, K. Kline, RA A. Palomares

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Freezing cooled-transported semen allows veterinarians and breeders to collect and process the semen of stallions on farm, and then ship the semen to a semen freezing center. There, however, is a lack of standardization of shipping and freezing protocols. The objectives were to optimize and simplify protocols to freeze cooled-shipped semen. In Experiment 1, cooled-transported semen was centrifuged at room temperature or 5 °C before freezing. Sperm variables (motility, membrane integrity, acrosome integrity, membrane fluidity) were evaluated before and after freezing. Centrifugation temperature had no effect on post-thaw semen quality. In Experiment 2, cooled-transported semen was centrifuged at room temperature and cryopreserved in three semen freezing extenders. With use of the improved modified French formula, there was less post-thaw total and progressive motility compared with use of Botucrio or the improved lactose-EDTA formula (P<0.0001). Semen cryopreserved in the improved modified French formula also had a lesser percentage of sperm with intact membranes compared with lactose-EDTA, and a greater percentage of sperm with capacitation-like changes compared with Botucrio (P<0.0001). In Experiment 3, semen diluted in each extender was frozen conventionally or placed directly in a -80 °C ultra-freezer. Freezing in the ultra-freezer resulted in a lesser post-thaw sperm motility, but not membrane and acrosome integrity and capacitation-like changes. In conclusion, centrifugation and addition of freezing extender to cooled transported semen can be performed at room temperature or 5 °C. The Botucrio and lactose-EDTA formula are recommended for conventional cryopreservation of cooled-transported stallion semen as compared with the modified French formula.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number106581
JournalAnimal reproduction science
StatePublished - Oct 2020


  • Centrifugation
  • Chilled semen
  • Extender
  • Horse
  • Semen freezing

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