Online screening of meat and poultry product quality and safety using hyperspectral imaging

M. Kamruzamman, S. Nakauchi, G. ElMasry

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Online systems for objective determination of meat quality parameters are still not widely available; traditional human inspection is still practiced in most meat industries. Due to its great aptitude to capture spectral and spatial information simultaneously, hyperspectral imaging is one of the most promising technologies currently investigated for efficient use in quality and safety evaluation of meat and poultry products. Once optimized, a system with only a few feature-related wavelengths could be developed for carrying out all challenging assessments in real time and to move the measurements of meat quality parameters from the laboratories to the processing lines. This chapter comprehensively explains the platform flow to develop an online screening technique and its different applications in quality, safety, and authentication assessment of meat and poultry products.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationHigh Throughput Screening for Food Safety Assessment
Subtitle of host publicationBiosensor Technologies, Hyperspectral Imaging and Practical Applications
EditorsArun K Bhunia, Moon S Kim, Chris R Taitt
PublisherWoodhead Publishing Limited
Number of pages42
ISBN (Electronic)9780857098078
ISBN (Print)9780857098016
StatePublished - 2015
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NameWoodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition


  • Chemometrics
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Meat
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Poultry
  • Quality
  • Real time
  • Wavelength

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