On the dynamics of multi-dimensional detonation

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We present an asymptotic theory for the dynamics of detonation when the radius of curvature of the detonation shock is large compared to the one-dimensional, steady, Chapman-Jouguet (CJ) detonation reaction-zone thickness. The analysis considers additional time-dependence in the slowly varying reaction zone to that considered in previous works. The detonation is assumed to have a sonic point in the reactionzone structure behind the shock, and is referred to as an eigenvalue detonation. A new, iterative method is used to calculate the eigenvalue relation, which ultimately is expressed as an intrinsic, partial differential equation (PDE) for the motion of the shock surface. Two cases are considered for an ideal equation of state. The first corresponds to a model of a condensed-phase explosive, with modest reaction rate sensitivity, and the intrinsic shock surface PDE is a relation between the normal detonation shock velocity, Dn, the first normal time derivative of the normal shock velocity, Ḋn, and the shock curvature, k. The second case corresponds to a gaseous explosive mixture, with the large reaction rate sensitivity of Arrhenius kinetics, and the intrinsic shock surface PDE is a relation between the normal detonation shock velocity, Dn, its first and second normal time derivatives of the normal shock velocity, Ḋn, D̈n, and the shock curvature, k, and its first normal time derivative of the curvature, k̇. For the second case, one obtains a one-dimensional theory of pulsations of plane CJ detonation and a theory that predicts the evolution of self-sustained cellular detonation. Versions of the theory include the limits of near-CJ detonation, and when the normal detonation velocity is significantly below its CJ value. The curvature of the detonation can also be of either sign, corresponding to both diverging and converging geometries.

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JournalJournal of Fluid Mechanics
StatePublished - Feb 25 1996

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