Observation of e+e-<ds±<ds"< at s=4.14 gev

G. T. Blaylock, T. Bolton, J. S. Brown, K. O. Bunnell, T. H. Burnett, R. E. Cassell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D. H. Coward, D. E. Dorfan, G. P. Dubois, G. Eigen, B. I. Eisenstein, T. Freese, G. Gladding, C. Grab, C. A. Heusch, D. G. Hitlin, J. M. Izen, L. KöpkeA. Li, W. S. Lockman, U. Mallik, C. G. Matthews, R. Mir, P. M. Mockett, R. F. Mozley, B. Nemati, A. Odian, J. Parker, L. Parrish, R. Partridge, D. Pitman, H. F.W. Sadrozinski, M. Scarlatella, T. L. Schalk, R. H. Schindler, A. Seiden, C. Simopoulos, I. E. Stockdale, W. Stockhausen, J. J. Thaler, W. Toki, B. Tripsas, F. Villa, S. Wasserbaech, A. Wattenberg, A. J. Weinstein, H. J. Willutzki, D. Wisinski, W. J. Wisniewski, R. Xu, Y. Zhu

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We present evidence for the exclusive reaction e+e- '<Ds±<Ds"<, observed with the Mark III detector at the SLAC storage ring SPEAR. The Ds±< is reconstructed in the ±< decay mode, while the Ds"< is detected as a narrow peak in the recoil-mass distribution. The mass of the Ds* is found to be 2109.3±<2. 1±<3.1 MeV/c2, yielding a Ds*-Ds mass difference of 137.9±<2.1±<4.3 MeV/c2. The width of the Ds* is <22 MeV/c2 at the 90%-confidence level. The observed signal corresponds <(e+e-'<Ds+Ds*-+Ds-Ds*+)B(Ds+'<+)=30±<6± <11 pb at s=4.14 GeV.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2171-2174
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number21
StatePublished - 1987
Externally publishedYes

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