Norse Romance: Vol. 1: The Tristan Legend

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Norse Romances comprises a three-volume set, making available for the first time critical editions and translations of important medieval Arthurian texts from Iceland, Norway and Sweden, under the general editorship of Marianne Kalinke. This volume is devoted to the Tristan legend. It contains Geitarlauf and Janual, Old Norse translations of the French lais Lanval and Chevrefeuil; Tristrams saga ok Isöndar, Brother Thomas's Old Norse translationof Thomas's Tristan, dated 1226 and commissioned by King Hákon Hákonarson the Old of Norway; "Tristrams kvædi", a fourteenth-century Icelandic "Tristan" ballad; and the Saga af Tristram ok Isodd, a fourteenth-century Icelandic version of the Old Norse Tristrams saga ok Isöndar.
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherD.S. Brewer
Number of pages306
ISBN (Print)9781843843054, 9780859915526
StatePublished - Sep 1999

Publication series

NameArthurian Archives


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