Nine true bugs (Heteroptera) newly-discovered in Illinois

Daniel R. Swanson, Steven J. Taylor, Sam W. Heads

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Six heteropteran species are reported for the first time from Illinois based on recently caught specimens from various bio-inventories: the flat bug Neuroctenus pseudonymus Bergroth (Aradidae: Mezirinae), the stilt bug Metacanthus multispinus (Ashmead) (Berytidae: Metacanthinae), the leaf-footed bugs Anasa repetita Heidemann and Chelinidea vittiger Uhler (Coreidae: Coreinae), the ambush bug Phymata fasciata fasciata (Gray) (Reduviidae: Phymatinae), and the scentless plant bug Arhyssus nigristernum (Signoret) (Rhopalidae: Rhopalinae). Additionally, three more records for the flat bug Nanni-um pusio Heidemann (Aradidae) and the scentless plant bugs Aufeius impressicollis Stål and Niesthrea louisianica Sailer (Rhopalidae) are newly-reported for the state based on material in the Illinois Natural History Insect Collection (INHS). Supplementing these notes are dichotomous keys to the species of Mezirinae, Berytidae, Coreidae, Phymatinae, and Rho-palidae of Illinois.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)571-585
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Issue number4
StatePublished - May 24 2017


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