New measurements of the Γ(D+ → K*0μ+ν)/Γ(D+ → K-π+π+) and Γ(Ds+ → φμ+ν)/Γ(Ds+ → φπ+) branching ratios

J. M. Link, M. Reyes, P. M. Yager, J. C. Anjos, I. Bediaga, C. Göbel, J. Magnin, A. Massafferri, J. M. de Miranda, I. M. Pepe, A. C. dos Reis, S. Carrillo, E. Casimiro, E. Cuautle, A. Sánchez-Hernández, C. Uribe, F. Vázquez, L. Agostino, L. Cinquini, J. P. CumalatB. O'Reilly, J. E. Ramirez, I. Segoni, M. Sheaff, J. N. Butler, H. W.K. Cheung, G. Chiodini, I. Gaines, P. H. Garbincius, L. A. Garren, E. Gottschalk, P. H. Kasper, A. E. Kreymer, R. Kutschke, L. Benussi, S. Bianco, F. L. Fabbri, A. Zallo, C. Cawlfield, D. Y. Kim, K. S. Park, A. Rahimi, J. Wiss, R. Gardner, A. Kryemadhi, K. H. Chang, Y. S. Chung, J. S. Kang, B. R. Ko, J. W. Kwak, K. B. Lee, K. Cho, H. Park, G. Alimonti, S. Barberis, A. Cerutti, M. Boschini, P. D'Angelo, M. DiCorato, P. Dini, L. Edera, S. Erba, M. Giammarchi, P. Inzani, F. Leveraro, S. Malvezzi, D. Menasce, M. Mezzadri, L. Moroni, D. Pedrini, C. Pontoglio, F. Prelz, M. Rovere, S. Sala, T. F. Davenport, V. Arena, G. Boca, G. Bonomi, G. Gianini, G. Liguori, M. M. Merlo, D. Pantea, S. P. Ratti, C. Riccardi, P. Vitulo, H. Hernandez, A. M. Lopez, H. Mendez, A. Paris, J. Quinones, W. Xiong, Y. Zhang, J. R. Wilson, T. Handler, R. Mitchell, D. Engh, M. Hosack, W. E. Johns, M. Nehring, P. D. Sheldon, K. Stenson, E. W. Vaandering, M. Webster

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Using a large sample of charm semileptonic decays collected by the FOCUS photoproduction experiment at Fennilab, we present new measurements of two semileptonic branching ratios. We obtain values of Γ(D+ → K*0μ+ν)/Γ(D+ → K-π+π+) = 0.602 ± 0.010(stat) ± 0.021(sys) and Γ(Ds+ → φμ+ν)/Γ(Ds+ → φπ+) = 0.544 ± 0.033(stat) ± 0.048(sys). Our D+ → K*0μ+ν result includes the effects of the s-wave interference discussed in Phys. Lett. B 535 (2002) 43.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)243-250
Number of pages8
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Aug 15 2002

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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