Morphology of the epididymal region of turkeys producing abnormal yellow semen.

R. A. Hess, R. J. Thurston, H. V. Biellier

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Male turkeys producing abnormal yellow-colored semen (YS) had hypertrophied epithelial cells in the ductuli efferentes. The cells were engorged with cytoplasmic, lipid-like (lipoid) droplets, a morphological abnormality found exclusively in this area of the epididymal region. The testes, epididymal region, ductus deferens, and abdominal fat were relatively yellow compared to turkeys producing normal white semen (WS). Adipose tissue within the abdominal cavity and lining the ductus deferens was more abundant in the YS producers. In addition to increased lipoid droplets, nonciliated cells of the ductuli epithelia contained larger and more numerous electron-dense lysosomal bodies than similar nonciliated cells in WS males. Resorption of morphologically normal and abnormal spermatozoa by the epithelia of the ductuli efferentes was prevalent in the YS males but was not observed in the WS turkeys. The seminal fluids in the epididymal region of the YS males contained abnormal spermatids, cellular debris, and increased amounts of electron-dense proteinaceous material.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)531-539
Number of pages9
JournalPoultry science
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1982
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