George Gross, Nancy V. Garapic, Bruce McNutt

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For applications such as capacity expansion planning and screening studies of alternative expansion plans, there is a need for a fast, accurate, reliable and robust method to approximate the equivalent load duration curves (e. l. d. c. 's) for production costing. The concept of equivalent load, which is the sum of the customer load demand and the outage capacity of the generating blocks, plays a key role in probabilistic production costing. This paper describes a newly developed approximation technique based on mixtures of normal distributions. The mixtures of normals approximation (m. o. n. a. ) for e. l. d. c. 's proceeds in three steps. First, the system load random variable is approximated by a mixture of normals distribution. Next, the approximation of the outage random variable of a group of one or more units by a mixture of normals distribution is obtained. Finally, these two approximations are combined to derive the m. o. n. a. of each e. l. d. c. The technique uses the properties of mixtures of normal distributions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jan 1 1986
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