Micro-opaque copiers. Is there a resolution?

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Reproduction of paper copies from micro-opaques generally has been unsuccessful in the past. Since the cessation of production of the Denison enlarger/printer, libraries and their clienteles have had little recourse in having paper copies made from micro-opaques. Since 1984, however, progress has been made in this area and there are currently four options. Copies can be requested from one of the institutions identified in a recent survey as offering a fee-based micro-opaque copying service; copies of Readex micro-opaques can be ordered from the Readex Microprint Photocopying service; micro-opaques can be converted to microfiche for a fee, and copies made using one of the numerous available models of microfiche printers; or, an institution can purchase the new Bell & Howell 5100 Reader/Printer with Microcard Adapter. Institutions having microopaque collections need to determine the most cost effective alternative for their particular situations.

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