Medicine's Moving Pictures: Medicine, Health, and Bodies in American Film and Television

Leslie J. Reagan (Editor), Nancy Tomes (Editor), Paula A. Treichler (Editor)

Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook


This groundbreaking book argues that health and medical media, with their unique goals and production values, constitute a rich cultural and historical archive and deserve greater scholarly attention. Original essays by leading media scholars and historians of medicine demonstrate that Americans throughout the twentieth century have learned about health, disease, medicine, and the human body from movies. Heroic doctors and patients fighting dreaded diseases have thrilled and moved audiences everywhere; amid changing media formats, medicine's moving pictures continue to educate, entertain, and help us understand the body's journey through life. Perennially popular, health and medical media are also complex texts reflecting many interests and constituencies including, notably, the U.S. medical profession, which has often sought, if not always successfully, to influence content, circulation, and meaning. Medicine's Moving Pictures makes clear that health and medical media representations are "more than illustrations," shows their power to shape health perceptions, practices, and policies, and identifies their social, cultural, and historical contexts.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationRochester, NY
PublisherUniversity of Rochester Press
Number of pages353
ISBN (Print)9781580463065, 9781580462341
StatePublished - Nov 2007

Publication series

NameRochester Studies in Medical History


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